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I never understood this as a Wolves fan. That may have been a mostly outside Minnesota thing, since almost no one there has any faith in the team. I thought those expectations were very much the high end best case scenario, which very few teams in the league manage to reach in a given season. I was just hoping to push .500 and maybe have a shot at the 8 seed. So not quite, but not far off, and we had such an awful start which accounts for being short of that level.

I will say this about Dunn, since he seems to get nothing but criticism-he is going to be a PHENOMENAL defender. He might already be. He’ll need to lock down a starting job somewhere to get first team all-defense, but he’s definitely that good. One of my favorite Wolves moments in a year full of excellent Wolves gifs (though I haven’t seen one of this one) was our game in Milwaukee. Dunn ended up switched onto Giannis just outside the paint I think. And I’m thinking “oh shit, what happens here if they pass it to him.” Which they did. And Dunn completely and totally threw him off as Giannis tried to work him, and forced him into about as awkward of a shot as you’ll see The Alphabet take, which he missed badly. It was incredible. He did something pretty remarkable on defense once or twice a game in limited minutes. Don’t rule out him becoming a Patrick Beverly type is all I’m saying.

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