This is not about potential anymore, this is about the authors of two of the heaviest books ever, and LeBron isn’t even finished.
I don’t even think the murderer-argument is that important in this context, since a) while it’s…
I. Musterman

I’m starting to worry he is finished, not in the sense of being a great player, but in terms of being able to bring it at a level that has people evoking Jordan. But we’ll see in the playoffs, maybe that’s not the case. You’re right about it being hard to quantify something like GOAT, that’s why I think you have to go to the ethereal to split the hair. Maybe it’s more of a beard whisker. Whatever, you make good points. I’d still have to take Jordan to start a team though, and I probably wouldn’t spend much time agonizing over it, though LeBron would make me lose sleep over it.

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