Unless you’re able to always out score your opponents, you can’t win when your team relies on a…
Joe Crystal

Nah, he’s definitely a star. The pendelum has swung in the other direction a bit on his public perception since he got to Cleveland because he’s a power forward on a team with LBJ and a young ball dominant point guard. There’s very very few big name PF’s ever who wouldn’t be a third wheel in that situation. And of course you can win a title in the modern NBA against a team like the Dubs with Love on defense, it happened a year ago. That being said, I don’t think he can be the top player on a title team, unless maybe it was sort of like the 2004 Pistons with the perfect combination of talent spread across the floor with a good bench. So I can’t see a core of Love with the aging Melo and Paul doing a huge amount of damage.

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