another point of this article was that the league kinda sucked during iverson’s era.

Plenty of true things in your post, but yet another point in the article was that Thomas is doing this in part because the pieces on the chess board are usually in different places than they were in 2001. So when you compare them statistically, it’s not really a direct comparison, because they were dealing with generally different scenarios. To me, Iverson putting up those numbers as a little guy with not much of a long range shot and almost no help from his teammates on offense to take the pressure of the defense’s attention from him, and against a paint that was way more crowded across the league, but especially against his team? For me personally, his numbers in that situation are more impressive than Thomas’ numbers that are a tick or two better across the board in a situation that’s practically tailor-made for him. Put him on the 2001 Sixers in place of Iverson, he’s not putting up anything near those numbers and the team doesn’t go anywhere near The Finals. The Allen/Cassell/Big Dog stroll in to face the Lakers (and stroll right the hell back out in 4).

Full disclosure: I’m a total Iverson homer even though I don’t care about the Sixers one way or another. Never spent much time out east. But if you gave me a Long Island iced tea and took me to a courthouse, I would probably change my name to Iverson. Love the guy. And in related news, Russ as well.

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