I don’t agree with your opinion for a gang of reasons, but I think I understand it.
MC Gusto

Well as to hip hop being more universally acclaimed, that’s obviously true, but I’m not personally interested in that — it just doesn’t factor into how I think. And that’s not to be high brow, I don’t like things more because no one knows it or like it less because it sells out arenas. It’s just whatever to me, it doesn’t effect how I feel about a song or album. I love plenty on both ends.

So comparing hip hop to punk the way I did is a very general, surface, “they are both musics made by humans” sort of thing. 99% of important and/or great punk was petering out by the time Run DMC hit MTV. If you get very specific, it’s apples and oranges. So grain of salt what I’m saying if you like. But in my opinion, on that very general level, giving orthodoxy the middle finger is great in music. I love it. That’s what some of these young mumble dudes are doing. And like a lot of great punk, they’re not displaying any real traditional talent while doing it. Punk when it started was basically about learning three guitar chords and then starting a band the next day and play a show the next week. “Anyone can do it” was the heart of it, even though there were definitely people in it that could legit play. But those people were directly inspired by people who couldn’t at all.

The flip side is that just because you’re giving the middle finger to what’s sacred doesn’t mean your music doesn’t suck. Which is the problem with most of that stuff we’re talking about. I’m with them philosophically but I’m not really a fan of how it turns out as far as the vast majority of it goes. I just don’t blame its general shittiness on the lack of traditional talent they’re showing.

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