Of course you can’t predict voter turnout, but I think that it would increase.

Well, I can’t imagine it would go down. As to whether it would go up (and where), certainly could be, but I really have no idea. But that would be a clear positive to me regardless of political affiliation. Higher turnout (and thus political engagement) is a great ideal for our country. Makes me want to do a study on the differences in voter turnout across the US, don’t think I can fit the work in. Maybe I could do a quick one, like 20 rural counties, 20 midsize, 20 urban. I don’t know. I will do the math on my numbers to adjust for higher turnout, not sure if it would be all that scientific, but I am curious.

Don’t worry about the map, happy to have seen it. Lots of interesting stuff. Like on the coast of Washington state (which I learned reading a biography of area native Kurt Cobain once is considered pretty redneck), there’s two counties right next to each other. In one, Obama won 55–41% in 2012 and Trump won 48–41 in November. In the one to the north, Obama won 64–32, and Hillary won it 60–28%. Why the difference? Going to look up the counties and see if I can figure it out. And it’s just interesting to see which areas went bluer while most of the counties went the other way.

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