Balor vs. Rollins was forgettable?
Jason Johnson

Well in order — I don’t remember a single thing about Seth/Finn aside from the unfortunate injury (hope he shows up Sunday), I’ve never been able to care about Orton at all so I didn’t really care much about the Brock match (cool ending for sure, but I had to spend a couple minutes trying to remember what the main event of the show was), and Cena/AJ was great, but I’m really tired of the way they structure their big matches like that one (finishing move, kickout, disbelief, big move, kickout, disbelief, repeat).

Glad Miz is having a great run, have huge respect for that guy and what he’s been able to achieve. The Goldberg/Lesnar thing I just don’t care at all about. It’s the same thing I didn’t like about WCW in the late 90’s, relying on big aging stars. I know their match was a big surprise, but I saw what happened on Facebook and my reaction was “well, glad I wasn’t watching that.” Plus I hate that they didn’t give Brock’s first straight up loss after WM30 to someone else. Maybe they didn’t think they had anyone ready, but that’s kind of my biggest issue with the company.

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