Danger All Around Us

I feel obligated to give you a forewarning that foul language might come out in this post. Or, it might not. It depends on how I feel.

After the end of a Brazilian Jui Jitsu class, I decided that I would ask my partner for another roll, since I want to develop my skills quickly. In my mind, I’m born for the martial arts.

Just to give you a little context, a roll is a session where you go one-on-one with your partner and try to submit him or her.

My partner complied and the timer was set for 5 minutes. Right after the session began, I knew this would be a serious role. My partner brought the intensity, which I always welcome. I grew up the second among 4 boys. We wrestled, we fought, we roughed each other up. I crave this type of activity. In a strange way, it makes me happy inside. But, it can be dangerous to an extent.

I was reminded of this when my partner poked my eye pretty good. So good that now, hours later, I am still feeling the sting and soreness.

When the incident happened, we immediately stopped the roll. I went to the bathroom and washed out my eye a little, at the advice of the class instructor.

I could have ended the night right there, but the timer was still going. Most people would have ended the session right there. But I dug down deep and reminded myself why I was there — self defense. I quickly got back to the roll.

Things aren’t going to be all safe and sound in a real life situation. You may get cut, an eye gouged out, stabbed in the side. It’s life or death out there. You stop in practice because of a little injury, then you’ll program yourself to stop in real life. Then you’re dead.

Man up. Grab hold of your junk and stay in the game. Danger will always be present, but don’t give into your fears. Your life and those of others might depend on it.

I ended up not cursing. That’s a plus.

My eye stings right now. It’s sore.

I’ll be back in training tomorrow.


So I don’t develop a fear of danger. Sure, this can happen again. But is it likely? No. If I allow a little room in my mind of fearing getting my eye poked hard again and take some time off, I’m programming my mind to avoid fear.

That’s not what I want to have happen. And I won’t ingrain that habit.

That’s not what I’m made of.

And don’t you dare become weak-minded and fall victim to it.

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