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Ailexce là một nền tảng giao dịch đến từ Hà Lan, phát hành ngày 14/11/2019.

Ailexce are software programs that connect to an exchange (usually via API protocol) and perform transactions on behalf of the user. Ailexce works by using a range of indicators and trading strategies. These algorithms search for money automatically for Ailexce Limited customers.

“Quantum supremacy.” The term inspires images of a giant world-brain supercomputer that can count the grains of sand on every beach on Earth. But what does Google’s official claim of supremacy mean and how will practical quantum computing change the world of crypto?

After a month of speculation, Google announced that it has built and tested a 54-qubit quantum processor called “Sycamore.” The processor, which looks like it’s covered in a writhing mass of serpents inside its super-cooled cryo-chamber, was able to perform a complex computation in 200 seconds. Not that big a deal, right?

“From measurements in our experiment…

Four U.S. regulators joined the Global Financial Innovation Network, an international alliance of government regulators led by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority seeking to bolster the future of fintech.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) have all signed onto the GFIN, an SEC spokesman confirmed to CoinDesk.

Their participation in the network — established in August 2018 — brings federal regulators into GFIN’s mission of developing a “global sandbox” for financial innovations.

In a joint press release announcing the…

Polish police have arrested Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, president of Crypto Capital, on accusations of money laundering.

According to reports in Polish newspaper W Polityce and news portal RMF24, the crypto entrepreneur was extradited to Warsaw, Poland under police escort. Polish authorities claim that Molina Lee is wanted in Poland for laundering up to 1.5 billion zloty or about $390,000,000 “from illegal sources,” according the the Polish report.

Authorities wrote that Molina Lee’s crimes included “laundering dirty money for Columbian drug cartels using a cryptocurrency exchange.”

Polish prosecutors claim that Crypto Capital held accounts in Bank Spółdzielczy in the town…

Binance has added a fiat-to-crypto gateway for Nigeria’s Niara (NGN), the company said.

Facilitated by payments network Flutterwave, the addition starts a new phase of Binance adding sub-Saharan fiat pairs, the company said in a statement. In “the near future” the high-volume global exchange will also introduce gateways for South Africa’s Rand (ZAR) and Kenya’s Shilling (KES), Binance said.

At launch, Binance limited the Nigerian trading pairs to BUSD/NGN, BNB/NGN and BTC/NGN. Investors can deposit between 150 NGN (about $.40) and 430,000 NGN (about $1,200) for a 1.4% fee, Binance said in a blog post.

Binance said last month that it planned to add fiat-to-crypto OTC trading.

Binance did not respond to CoinDesk’s request for further comment.

“Bitcoin is unequivocally a macro asset,” said Travis Kling, the former hedge funder and now founder and CIO of Ikigai Asset Management.

“It is a fledgling macro asset,” Kling continued, adding:

“Seven-plus years of [bitcoin’s life] it really was just kind of a computer science experiment in the closet of a bunch of computer science nerds. And then, it was a magic internet money for drug dealers to buy drugs on the internet. And then, it was ‘blockchain and not bitcoin.’ And then, it was for Americans to buy coffee at Starbucks, maybe it was to save Venezuelans from a…

Morgan Creek Digital has raised the first $60.9 million tranche of its $250 million target for its second venture capital fund.

Morgan Creek revealed exclusively to CoinDesk that the same institutions from the first fund, including two public pension funds, have increased their investments in the second by more than twofold.

Together, Fairfax County’s Virginia’s Police Officer’s Retirement System and Employees’ Retirement System are investing a combined $50 million in the second fund, up from $21 million in its first fund that closed in February.

Commitments from other institutional investors including Wakemed Health and Hospitals, an insurance company and a…

Algorand has been certified as sharia-compliant, the company said Monday.

The certification was provided by Bahrain-based Shariya Review Bureau (SRB) and indicates that the Algorand platform adheres to the tenants of Islamic law. It could open up the platform and its features to a global network of observant Islamic investors estimated to be worth more than $70 billion, according to a 2017 study by Malaysia International Islamic Financial Center.

“Our vision at Algorand has always been inclusivity,” Algorand CEO Steve Kokinos said in a statement. …

Crypto-based extortion — basically the process of using spam-flinging botnet armies to “ransom” dirty pictures and compromising information in exchange for bitcoin — has turned virtual crime into child’s play.

Speaking this week at the Advances in Financial Technology conference in Zurich, an international team comprised of researchers from the Austrian Technology Institute and security provider GoSecure sampled a population of email spam and found that the extortion process was quick, easy, and very lucrative.

Using public data hack info, the researchers found that a single instance of the popular Necurs botnet launched over 80 campaigns and in the 4.3…

Binance has joined the governance council of Kakao’s Klaytn blockchain network as the project scrambles for partners and “use cases” and seeks to building its legitimacy.

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume, is the latest member of Klaytn’s 24-company board. Participants include three LG companies and three entities related to Kakao, as well as the Union Bank of the Philippines, among others.

The board makes key technical and business decisions for the network and is involved in the development of applications utilizing the blockchain, according to a release from Binance on Tuesday.

Klaytn is operated by…

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