Why I Ditched Google Docs For Consol.io

Have you ever had one of those nerdy moments where you realized just how much information Google has on you? I came to the realization just a few years ago, when I said to myself:

“Damn, Google has way too much information on me. I don’t even remember the last time I did work on something that wasn’t built by Google.”

Google has always been a part of my life and I suppose in some ways, it always will be.

Here’s the thing, though.

Google’s products/services, outside of GMail and Android, are pure shit; and not at all elegant. As much as I am an Android “fanboy” and as much I was once a die hard Google fan, my respect for them decreased.

Google reminds me of the rich kid who didn’t fit in anywhere, so he went to a party uninvited, punched someone out of anger and realized how strong he was, so he started his own posse. Google, like that kid, doesn’t know what he stands for or what he wants his posse to be.

Some of Google’s most idiotic decisions.

  • When I look at Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar, I ask myself “What is that atrocity? Why is it so dull? You’re a billion dollar company and you can’t add color to it? You can’t make the UI more responsive?
  • They were years late to the game but created Google+ anyway, as a way to compete… and failed miserably. I still don’t get what Google+ is or what it’s trying to be. The UI is clunky and their app is just awful.
  • Google created YouTube Red. Not to be mistaken for the porn site, RedTube. Are they really that dumb? Why not name it YouTube Pro? YouTube Plus? Why Red? Especially when there’s a porn site called RedTube.
  • Editing a document on Google Docs makes me feel like I’m in 2007, when Google Docs was new. Bland UI, the loading isn’t seamless and the overall experience, to me, is unpleasant.
  • Google released YouTube TV; live TV and DVR service at $35 a month. Google has a little bit of a big ego and too much pride. No intelligent company would ever price something so high for a NEW service. Build reputation, fix your bugs, add more selections and channels an then charge $35. I pay less than that per month and get over 1,000 channels, via my cable. Where’s your head, Google? Let’s not get naive, here, $35 is a great price for something worthwhile. It is not worth it for YouTube TV, given that Netflix has a larger selection of items to watch. Once that changes, $35 is fine.

Take it from Chevas, the co-founder of Consol, who said:

Anything worth doing has a high cost, if done right. Everything always ends up taking more time and costing more money. The process of creating something great has a built-in method of weeding out the lazy and the quitters. When it comes down to it, we believe grit is the only reliable trait that leads to success.

Google can definitely learn from this. I first read what Chevas had to say when I came across Consol several months ago, and thought to myself “This is one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard anyone say.” He’s like Steve Jobs, only way smarter.

When it comes to Google creating and releasing services, there’s something I notice; they’re not well thought out and often feel rushed. As the quote above says, “Everything always ends up taking more time and costs more money.” Hear that, Google? Take your time and think before you act! Learn from Consol and even Dropbox Paper.

In that way, Google is like the silly but creative child, when painting. They splatter paint everywhere to see what they like most. Then, if they don’t like it, they throw their work away. How many times has Google released a service that ended up being shut down for idiotic reasons? Many times. Yet, we even liked some of those services.

I was a long-time Evernote user before coming across Consol and before I read about Consol, I was glad but disappointed. Evernote was a great alternative to Google Docs, for me, but I wasn’t happy with its web version, as I’m someone who likes to work in the cloud. We’re not in the stone age, anymore, we shouldn’t be reliant on software.

Then Consol made its way into my life. Everything and I mean everything is thought out. The design is beautiful, the loading is seamless and it’s pleasant to use. Every single feature, button and option is there for a specific reason, whereas with Google Docs and even Google Drive, everything seems messy and out of place — dull.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots of Consol

See how beautiful that is? It has color, the layout and design is well thought out and intuitive and although you can’t see something like this until you use it yourself, the overall experience is far better and more stable, excluding the fact that Consol is new in beta. For a beta, I would say that it sometimes works better than something as stable as Google Docs.

I’ll give Google credit where credit is due. After all, they do deserve some credit every ten years or so. I love Android’s integration with all of Google’s other services. All of Google’s services are convenient and definitely reliable, but the company lacks heart and their design lacks elegance.

So, why did leave Google Docs for Consol.io? End-To-End Encryption, the design is better, it has better features and is more pleasant to use. What’s more, you can definitely see that Consol is done out of heart. Something as they said, born out of need.