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In such a confusing world, with so many options, how do you know where to begin or where you’re going?


Since the beginning of time, writing has been a tool that was used to communicate an idea. The Mesopotamians were the first to introduce writing in the form of symbols, carving them on clay tablets to mark their territory, so to speak. Since language back then wasn’t what it is today, hunter-gatherer communities needed a way to keep track of property.

The Never-Ending Story

Today, writing, has evolved into an amazing form of expression. The simple act of writing things down can impact your happiness in a really, really big way. The reason for this is because writing things down is often an emotional release; a way for us organize and reflect on our thoughts and ideas. A way to decompose and let go.

How Writing Can Improve Your Mental Health

In as little as ten minutes, writing can be the mood-lifter you need that enhances your emotional well-being. Having said that, here are several writing exercises that can improve your mental health.

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