Cute. Maybe if you stuck to facts and not scare tactics, you would sleep better at night.

You are aware that dead Navy SEALS and dead civilians don’t bother the Trump Administration, right? 45 and Co. botched their first raid, and he decided to hold this raid without a proper briefing; opting instead to decide the matter over dinner based on old intelligence. That is, the raid was originally proposed to the Obama Administration, but after rigorous analysis of intel, they learned that the operation could only be conducted on the next moonless night. Since that next opportunity fell on a night during 45’s watch, they decided to let them reconvene and assess whether it was a good idea to carry out the raid, assuming that 45 would be briefed about this in the Situation Room. Guess what 45 and Co. chose NOT to do? GTFOH with your lame response.

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