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Are you not, Violet, Oh Violet??

I’ve read several of your great stories! I’m so sorry I missed you and the un-Rev Freddy’s lil combat sessions as I would have been most happy to comment on your behalf.

I’d noticed after my comment on his behavior towards TeriJo that he “only” came back to comments written by her “women” friends. That showed his true colors, to me, as only a coward continues his attacks directed at ‘only’ women.

I’d seen a lil of his blind-bully boy-bravado-blathering about in the past but I’d always moved right along as I found nothing he had to spew was of any interest to me.

“As you can tell, he doesn’t write much.” Violet, you’ve hit the snake on his head with this one line. Nothing I can add to that one line, at this time, will paint a more appropriate picture of him.

Although I suspect he’s a rather obese fellow who has never quite made it out of Mom’s basement, with the exception of his impotent, raging, ego maniacal musings.

Wishing you a beautiful day!!❤