Grandson #3… Photo by author, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day 2017 ❤

*to my Medium Mama’s…

HI!! Did ya miss me???
Yes you did. You wondered why it was so eerily quiet over in my corner, dinna ya??

Well, one week before Mother’s Day, our 39 year old had her 2nd child… a wee bit early, but still 6lb, 8oz and 20" long. So everything was everything and it appeared that he would go home the next day. Uh huhhh…

Not. He failed the “car seat test” and had to go to NICU where they could monitor his breathing. He failed the next day also. They put him on oxygen for 3–4 days, so he could learn to breath on his own.

So our daughter, son-in-law and Grandson #3 are still safely ensconced in NICU, as of right now, the 19th of May. Bored?? Oh boy… We’ve been taking meals to them, along with a couple of other people, but mostly it was those two~ on everybody’s prayer list or good thoughts & hugs list… day after day. They’re still getting along and in good spirits!!

But…?? He’s getting oodles better and they were surprised yesterday as the doctor said they may be able to *gasp* leave that place and go home, as soon as Saturday.

Sew~ my Medium Mama’s therein lies the tale! If you’ve once read my stories than you’ve figured out that I like people; eh, most people… I wanted you to know that I’ve missed some of you, and yes, you know who you are. To you comes the “Happy ❤ Mother’s Day” you would’ve received had I just been sitting around. ❤

Like it or not, it’s mine.❤ Thanks for letting me share with some of you absitively, posilutely, wonderfully talented writers.

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