TeriJo, your Granny had it all correct.

“Do unto others, as you would others do unto you.”

I had to go back over your story 3 times~ to erase all of the highlights I’d placed in it. I had most of your words; your thoughts, highlighted.

You see so many, many people have forgotten or worse? Never, ever heard or listened, when someone told them those exact same words. This world has become overly bloated by the “ME First” people~ those that will cut you out of that parking spot or step right in front of you at the theatre as you talk to your date. We had another barista robbed at a coffee stand last night; terrified and petrified as he not only took what money the stand had, but her tips… and her nice black Mazda sports car. The day before that a very young man, under 14, stabbed his mother and sister. His mom died.

I’m with you one thousand percent! Jennifer made it back from hades itself and it was not just her own doing; there’s another greater power than that. Yes, I’m speaking of the good Lord~ but the good Lord loves people who give of themselves. Like you TeriJo… and others; touched by the pain and the miracle of recovery and healing that Jennifer Marie Killgore has so awesomely displayed to the world at large.

Good for you Jennifer… Good for you TeriJo… and onward we go.

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