The Great Love + the Old Faithful
Nina Singhapakdi

The Bride Of Dracula, Copyright Marvel Comics. Excelsior!

Nina, these words have the resonance of one much, much, much older than you; say the bride of Vlad Dracul…

It is, however, quite obvious that you are not related to his clan nor kin by your sweet, poignant and ~ W❤W ~ are you a great writer…?!

Wifeling and I followed that show for several seasons and saw the Deacon daddy thing happening and we moved on. We’d been in Nashville long enough.

You❤?? with your ginormous ability to look and learn about love, not just in TV land; but for reallsy~ out in the dark scary world. That is beautiful, awesome to behold and gives me a lil more faith in this old world and its peoples than you will ever know.

From my heart~ my faith~ Thank you.

P. S.~ Wait, wait, WaitAMinute; are you that Nina?? Dracula’s girl? Jonathan Harker’s fiancee?? Nah… too much heart!❤

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