My head hurts. My heart hurts.

Mike… And my Cherie Sherry… Did you go on a bike ride today? How was it..?

To our dear friend & tender TeriJo~

As it’s currently 26 degrees, No. Not yet.

We rode last weekend when it got up to 50, boom diggity, and allegedly it’s headed that way soon- perhaps all week- as a “High.”

We’ve both found that the difference ‘tween ‘50 & sunny’ And ‘50 and cloudy’ can be exponentially different… Brrr!

Our heated electric vests keep our trunks warm & toasty. Decent gloves & boots can make all the difference between pain/misery and euphoria/greatness in a Wintertime ride, as many off road riders and snowmobilers can attest. We concur!

We appreciate the shout-out and send ye many & much ❤ ❤ ❤ cuz even tho yer far from us geographically?? Yer never far from our hearts. You stay in yer safe place and heal yer head & heart this weekend… Please?? Okay-o.

We saw you searching all of us out and that’s awesome to behold. Sometimes searching starts at home… ❤ ❤ M & S

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