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I normally like what you write Shea, but I don’t really understand this (although it’s still kind of funny, I admit), because outside of one name on that list, none of those characters were asian people with asian brains or asian eyes or fingers or really any asian appendages. They were completely and totally fictional. And, as far as I can tell, there aren’t any imaginary asians floating in the ether of hollywood with the star power to carry a feature film. Granted, there could be a cartoon insert into the live-action piece; or we could use a puppet. I’m not sure how well that would go over with a lot of people on the cultural appropriation front though, so we might still be running in place.

Granted, if we continue in this line of reasoning, lots of stuff falls apart. Most recently, I watched the Daniel Day-Lewis movie “My Left Foot” and you can probably just imagine the contempt and outrage and offense I took shortly thereafter I became aware of the existence of “Gangs of New York” and realized D-Day wan’t afflicted with Cerebral Palsy!

And then (if you can, and I dare you too, because this just about killed me when it happened) imagine my sheer horror when I someone showed me the trailer for “There Will Be Blood” and I realized he also wasn’t a gang-member from 19th century New York! Then imagine a few weeks later when I heard an interview with him and realized that not only was he NOT a turn of the 20th century oilman but not even American to begin with?

Who are these monsters, Shea? What can we do to stop them?!

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