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So I know this is pretty mean and out of left field, but I believe you’re owed the truth, although it may hurt: Rodger, you have got to do something about your picture here on The Ringer. I’m legitimately curious if this photo of you was taken in a deliberate attempt to create the most punchable looking headshot you could. It’s really a work of art in some ways. Granted, my entire understanding of your face is this photograph, but given how egregiously punchable it is, I can’t imagine (speaking purely from a probabilistic perspective) your don’t have a better photo in your arsenal.

Anyway, I like what you write about half the time, which is why i’m telling you this. I feel like people ought to know when they’re presenting themselves in a way that so dramatically increases the likelihood someone punches them right in it.

Please take this under advisement.


A Reader

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