Every Think-piece: Master of None, Season 2

Master of None Season 2 debuts this weekend on Netflix. Before any of us actually watch it, this is a must read.

Aziz is an incredible storyteller and really took the leap this season. He has refined his voice and it has helped to make Master of None so fantastic. He’s a wordsmith at heart yet sometimes it does feel like there might be too many words. If he could just sharpen his voice more.

One of the more charming aspects of the sophomore season is the continued storyline of his parents. Seeing his actual parents in the show adds a level of intimacy that thrusts Master of None ahead of the rest. However, I wonder if actors portraying his parents would grasp what it was like to be Aziz’s parents a little bit better. They would be trained actors after all. But because of Aziz’s artistic vision for the show, we will never know.

All in all you can trace the influences of Master of None back to Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld. That’s when it’s at its best. You can feel the inspiration, the laughter, the inventiveness, and that’s when it comes alive…. maybe too alive? If I wanted to watch Curb and Seinfeld, that’s exactly what I would watch. Aziz, I’m here for you. So let me get some more of YOU.

The 2nd season of Master of None is nothing if not Brave. Brave in the way that it tackles women’s issues and tells their stories. Brave in the way that it grapples with diversity. But if you peel this onion a layer at a time, you’ll notice that if it lacks anything, it’s bravery. It lacks bravery in the way that it tackles diverse issues and telling their stories. Lacks bravery in the way that it grapples with women’s issues.

I truly hope there is a season 3. You can tell that there is so much left to discover and the writers clearly know how to write for these characters. The world that has been created is ripe for exploration. The thing about storytelling is you need to know when it’s over. It’s clear that Master of None has run its course.