Transcript: Bob Romanik interviews Lewis Reed, President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen

[Romanik] This is Bob Romanik, the grim reaper of radio, and you’re listening to KQ1190 AM, simulcasting on KZQZ 1430 AM. America’s bi-state voice of freedom, radical radio, and you’ll hear shortly, as we are as always proud, very very proud, to be, the patriot.

You know I’ve gotta say, President Reed, I’ve got nothing but respect for him and we talked off the air and he asked me to calm down, and I’m going to try, but I really can't.

You people are listening every day know I’m on my medication because President Reed is here. I want to respect him respect him what he’s about, and he has a Christian a decent man trying to fight. I know he doesn’t uh, uh, probably endorse my antics on the air, and I understand that everybody’s got their own opinion, but he mentioned that name Megan Green.

Megan Green what a no count low life good for nothin skanky bitch you are. Here’s a white gal makes me, makes me ashamed to be white. Makes me ashamed to be white sometimes.

This ignorant bitch, and I said bitch with a capital B, she talks about the black community and then in the conversation, she’s calling a spade a spade. Now I’ve got a lot of proud black friends, and I think that is totally racist and Megan Green if you’re listening and give me a call.

And Megan Green I want to know how the hell can you be be the alder bitch from the 15th Ward in St. Louis. How can you be the alder bitch for the 15th ward in St. Louis and apparently you’re blind and dumb and blind. Nobody threatened you. You saw nobody nobody take money, but you’re going to get the feds involved say there was money offered there was bribes going on. Now you know when you do that, you heard everybody in the city of St. Louis cuz there are some decent people, some decent public officials in St. Louis.

For you to say “oh I heard this I saw this” then they tell me I heard from sources over and St. Louis that people had to call the feds because you said you call the feds and you didn’t. Do you know the difference between the truth and a lie Megan Green, but for you to say a spade a spade what the hell is wrong with you?

And Megan Green, I have to say I heard from the police officers because they didn’t endorse you, but you come out against them and said one of those, one of those officers, one of St. Louis’s finest threatened you don’t you see the pattern here?

Megan Green the pattern ought to be get your white stinky ass out a Dodge, but Lew I want to apologize cuz I know you don’t want me to go there, but I couldn’t help it. But what the hell is a situation with this lady, and I use our apologize to ladies what the hell is a situation with Megan Green.

[Reed] Megan is, uh, wow, Megan is [laughter] Megan is, Megan is, uh, what Megan did was absolutely reprehensible, right?

[Romanik] I’ve heard that a thousand times.

[Reed] What she continues to do is detrimental not just to the city of St. Louis, not just to the board of aldermen but the entire city.

[Romanik] But in race relations, look at things are bad enough and now she’s going to sitr up crap she knows nothing about just to get her name in the paper.

Hey now your name is on the radio, you bitch.

[Reed] Yeah, and then she, you know, coming out now she goes, first thing she did is come out on Twitter.

[Romanik] Maybe her twitter was itching, Idon't know, but go ahead

[Reed] She came out on twitter and said that, uh, she was, uh, wow…


[Romanik] You can’t follow.

[Reed] Let me, she came out on twitter and said uh, uh, uh, uh people had been accepting bribes.

[Romanik] I heard yeh right

[Reed] …for the stadium.

[Romanik] That was a total lie, right?

[Reed] Complete lie and said maybe and said that she contacted authorities, the feds. So I picked up the phone and called feds. The chief of police and others picked up the phone and called the feds.

[Romanik] Wanting to be proactive.

[Reed] Yeah, and we wanna find out what was going to happen and truth be told, I was putting the whole stadium deal on hold, I wasn’t going to bring it up for a vote, if indeed…

[Romanik] There was illegal…that’s a good point, right.

[Reed] The feds came back and told the chief no, not only…is there nothing going on, but they had never heard from her and didn’t know who she was.

So then the chief asked the feds to call her to follow up on it. And meanwhile we put things on hold to wait to see what was going to happen.

The feds talked to her and thought it was a joke. Then she she continued to to move along that road. She went on the radio, did a radio interview, and levvied charges against another alderperson, an african american alderman, and then she said she’s calling a spade a spade.

And this alderman, you know he’s been having some health issues, so it really stressed him out. We’ve been trying to handle it for him, you know she’s been beyond irresponsible, but she has a pattern of darkness, like you said she’s done it with the police department, she said that they were threatening bodily harm.

[Romanik] I saw that body, there ain’t no harm…you can’t do no more harm, that’s Bob Romanik’s opinion, not President Reed but go ahead President Reed.

[Reed] Uh, and then the, uh, then the uh, then the, the other than the than the other piece that she did, uh with the, with see organized labor she was on the opposite side of organized labor on a deal. She said that organized labor guys had threatened her harm when she was doing the minimum wage…she said she was threatened by the the restaurant, the restaurant owners, and now she is saying there is bribe…she is uh, uh, one big story after another.

There’s a pattern here, and I’d like to say it’s just irresponsible but it’s beyond that.

[Romanik] Do you guys have a sewer problem over there? Cuz if not, you know how you get rid of that bitch? You flush her down the toilet cuz that’s what you do with crap.

[Reed laughing in the background]

You flush the crap right down the toilet, but hey, Megan Green…

[Reed] Figaturively.

[Romanik] No, no really, Megan Green you have every right to give me a call. You can call me tomorrow, we can mix it up, but I saw that crap on television. I saw you moaning and complaining at the end of the day found out, that it was nothing, nothing was true about that so Megan Green, if you want to call up and give us your side tomorrow, you’re more than welcome to, but I don’t think you will Megan because I won’t put up with that bull crap that you’re trying to feed.

Don’t shove, don’t shove crap down the people of St. Louis’ throat, especially in the 15th aldermanic ward, and say how does this chicken salad taste when it’s chicken crap.

[Reed] One last thing I want to add, the gentleman’s she was levvying those charge against, he’s a pastor, he’s worked tirelessly throughout his community. He goes out on weekends and evenings and works with young kids.

He’s done a great job of working with some of the kids that were in crime, in you know, were doing drugs and that kind of stuff, and getting them to come back around and be productive. And this guy who is a guy who has has committed his life to making a difference.

So you can see how it would have hurt him to his core some of the things that she said

[Romanik] Well sure.

[Reed] …just to try and get her way, and like I said it’s beyond irresponsible.

[Romanik] Well let me tell you, Megan Green, Megan Green you ever heard of pinocchio?

Don’t stand in front of and in front of Pinocchio, and tell a buncha lies cuz you tell some lies and that nose will grow and grow and no telling where will it end up in your skanky, breezy, good for nothin’….okay Lew hold me back.

[Reed] [Laughs]

[Romanik] You’re a dazzle, right, I’m not going to mess with you, go ahead.

[Reed] Thanks. [laughs]

[Romanik] Well here, Lew I gotta say and people, you heard me. See, I’m running for office and I’m going to be who I am, when I am, say what I want, when I want to say it.

This has nothing to do with Lew Reed. Lew Reed, for whatever reason, is trying to be diplomatic and nice to this lady. I sure as hell don’t want to be nice and I don’t even know the bitch. So Lew, I’m going to give you the final word to the good people of St. Louis, and if you want to clean up my crap on Megan Green, whatever you want, you got the last couple of minutes.

[Reed] No, I, you know I, uh, uh, I um. The jobs we do are hard enough, but what we see happening with a person like Megan Green. She’ll take whatever that, that, uh, you know that, that, notion is about, about organization at the time she said that the police were attacking her.

It was during, it was right after the Mike Brown, uh, uh, shooting had happened and the police were really, really not looked well upon in public and she took that opportunity to, to load more on their back, and she continues to do that kind of thing on and on and on and on and on.

And one of the final things I like to say before we run out of time, I know you’re running for office, Bob. I think that you would be great to have in the capital over in Illinois. It would be nice to have, if we could switch you to the Democratic Party….

[Romanik] I like the way you say, you’re glad I’m running in the state of Illinois.

[Reed] We need people that speak out, people that stand for something. At the end of the day, we know that you come from your moral center. You stand in for what you believe.

[Romanik] Right, and I’m not perfect at all, just like you, but you’re an honorable man.

I wish you the best I hope, I hope, and I know this is a political statement for me, not Lew Reed, I hope that you get up and run for mayor in two years because, Lew we need you over in St. Louis, because when I go to St. Louis, at this point it’s not the police officer’s fault, it’s the administration’s fault.

Mayor Slay, in my opinion, has just done a piss poor job and I hope to see you in the mayor’s office. Not only because you will you benefit, but the people of St. Louis will benefit even more.

Thank you very much for taking the time. This is Lew Reed, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Maybe, maybe president. I think yous too smart.

I’m going to go out with this this time, let me tell ya, it’s been a a good day Lew Reed, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. has been here. He’s taken time out of his busy schedule. I know he’s not happy with some of my language, but again you people attribute that to Bob Romanik, not President the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, Lew Reed. He wanted to be transparent. That’s why he come over and the snake stand, on the dark side, to let the good people of St. Louis know what’s going on.

So let’s all of us, together, on the Illinois side, the Missouri side, let’s get together, let’s put public service like Lew Reed in office. Public service like Bob Romanik on this side, because we will, we will continue to fight for the people. Lew Reed has been there from day one and he’ll continue. So together, let’s unite less drag these rotten, bastard, political, parasitical, punks we call politicians, not public service like Lew Reed, but politicians. Let’s drag them over the political goals of hell, and at the end of the day, we do what we do on November the eighth, 2016. We destroy these no con greesy, good for nothin son of bitches, destroy them politically of course.

Mike Bollich-Ziegler

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