How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

You realize you are talking about the same guy who refused to trust his girlfriend (rachel) get’s ridiculously jealous of a guy she works with despite them not doing anything together. Gets crazy possessive about her and shows up to her work lighting shit on fire and generally bugging her while she repeatedly tells him she’s busy. Then he bitches about her job and selfishly just wants her to spend more time with him, completely ignoring her feelings. He is doing a job he loves. Doesn’t rachel get that chance too? And so she had been busy for a few weeks. What kind of child can’t handle his girlfriend being busy for a little while? He should be happy for her that she was finally getting on track with her career. Instead he ends up trying to sabotage it and being an all around ass.

And then, to top it all off that very night when they were on a “break” and while she is trying to reach him all night he has sex with another girl and then desperately tries to cover it up….

Also, don’t forget when Rachel and ross are fighting over the rest of the group Ross is the one who tries to guilt everyone into staying with him over the weekend by saying it’s his first weekend alone even though they all left Rachel alone that Friday night and she never once resorted to such pathetic tactics. He then crashes Susan and Carol’s anniversary even though he recognizes and ADMITS that it’s a bad time.

Ross is a selfish, entitled, immature asshole who refuses to be wrong and always thinks of himself as the victim. He is the epitome of the pathetic “nice guy” that we see so much of these days. The kind of guy who thinks that he deserves girls because he is “nice” to them even though his “niceness” is really more like possessiveness and entitlement. The fact that people like you still like him is what is wrong with this generation.

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