My Thought

Live in fairy tale when all has been served and treated like King is a dream. Lose in every situation, I am at my home, sitting in front of computer like a garbage. “Loser!” That is in my mind when i am trying to figure what are inside people’s head. “Eat, sleep sit my ass, work off” Meh, a garbage. When i was in family meet up. The first thing people ask me : “Have you got a job ?” and i would answer “Yes i have in production house”, “What major did you take ?” “Cinematography”. I was lying, Why ? Because i knew they would give me face of “burden boy”. Answer them “No i haven’t” and i would get a face of “burden boy”. Let me guess they think i am “mommy little boy”, “Still looking for True Self” “His concsciousness is like a kid” “Loser” “Immature” “Burden” “Burden” “Burden” “Burden”