Comedy Album Review: Die Laughing with “Get Rich or Diabetes”

From Uproar Entertainment, “Get Rich or Diabetes” by Comedian Dejan Tyler

In his debut for Uproar Entertainment, comedian Dejan Tyler takes audiences on a hilarious adventure through his life in the lower-middle class of Sacramento, California. Filled with observations from his misunderstood name, to the maturity of foods and changing weed etiquette, to life’s everyday absurdities, “Get Rich or Diabetes” showcases a vibrant storyteller that will have you asking for seconds.

Immediately likable, the Northern California native wields a dual perspective as a self-described “half thug and half nerd.” Tyler doesn’t hesitate to talk about himself in an honest manner that goes beyond self-deprecation and celebrates just how ludicrous life can be. From the moment the comedian takes the microphone, he lets us know just who he is — Dejan (pronounced dā’jan). Don’t call him Dijon. He’s a man, not a mustard.

Showered with some explicit instances from daily adulthood, Tyler’s observational and biographical material hits a rhythmic cadence that allows his stories to smoothly ebb and flow between topics. He educates us in the magic of Cup O’Noodles and how to properly handle the fragile delicacy. You can’t help but burst out laughing to “Extra Ranch” as the comic makes a bold proclamation, denouncing and vilifying blue cheese, as well as those who prefer the condiment over ranch dressing.

There’s no denying it; Tyler is unapologetic about his relationship with food, as well as about the food he hates. More so, the stand-up is not afraid to tell the audience that the beliefs they hold could be very wrong. He sincerely seems amused, and that is a real treat for the audience. That’s because Tyler does more than just joke about food, he explores — it’s a relationship, a theme throughout his life.

“Get Rich or Diabetes” is a solid release that will fill you up with laughter. The food material alone makes it the perfect album for your mature Thanksgiving festivities.