Comedy Album Review: The “Gen X Man” Is Funny & Furious

Mikhail Chernyavsky
Feb 15 · 2 min read
From Uproar Entertainment, “Gen X Man” by Comedian Erik Myers

While most people are confused with trying to figure out “millennials,” comedian Erik Myers’ latest release, Gen X Man, doesn’t bother. He knows exactly what’s up and breaks it down with his razor-sharp observational humor.

To understand the “they-don’t-know-how-easy-it-is” generation, Myers reminisces on life’s difficulties via his 1990s youth. There is no question for the comedian, life was harder back then than it is now. The foul-mouthed Myers has no qualms with putting today’s complainers in their place. He reminds us that without Tinder, Facebook, or smartphone GPS, everything from getting around to getting down was far more of a labyrinth maze.

With his fierce temper, Myers delivers a high-energy performance as he spitfires hard-hitting punchlines. His voice is as distinguished as Bobcat Goldthwait, as loud as Sam Kinison, and not a bit of that energy lets up throughout the album. Myers will grab hold of your ears and won’t let go until the very end.

The funnyman is a self-proclaimed “comedian bully.” And sure, he is angry with the world — no question. However, with how he is consistently poking fun back at himself, it’s hard to believe he’s not also in recovery for bullying. And, if you think he’s mean, you won’t realize it with all the laughs.

Pissed off and on point, Myers will have you LOLing and LMFAOing — regardless of whether you are a millennial or a Gen X man (and woman).

Get Myer’s Gen X Man now from Uproar Entertainment.