What is UXD and UX

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A bit of definition

Let’s make it clear and understand what is UX and UXD.

In fact, you already feel the impact of UXD by reading this article, which will result in UX (user experience), but what Wiki says about it?

UX —Emotions

ISO 9241–210, defines user experience as “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”. According to the ISO definition, user experience includes all the users’ emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use.

UXD — Process

User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. User experience design encompasses traditional human–computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

Further, some information about UXD for those who is not satisfied by one definition…

UXD Tasks, techniques and tools

Every time teams develop a product, app or service, they start by brainstorming (and even better with TRIZ). They connect with the data from research, copywriting, A/B testing, prototyping, wireframing, storytelling, usability, user interface design, animation, and etc. All combination results in a product for users who eventually appreciate their collaboration in lines:

Year after year…

Specific UXD’s list of techniques and tools could be difficult to find. The fact is for each service, product, website, mobile applications, and etc. — a unique list. And it depends on your budget as well, but sometimes you can spend less money and make a high quality UXD as a result good UX.

UXD in real life

You can see the result of UXD in the restaurant. And your tips depend on many factors: location of the place, atmosphere, interior design, music (was it music at all?), menu, how dishes were served and was it delicious?

If you came for a coffee and you know that you will come back with friends for dinner next time — a team of chefs, waiters, managers, designers, architects, copywriters, photographers and other people succeed in UXD.

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Now we can move on to the next article, where I will show you how to do UXD in a real app for iOS.

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