Is Twitter more reliable then CNN?

In this day and age of digital discovery can we differentiate accuracy from a tweet or an article from a mainstream news source.

Twitter was a platform designed to revolutionize human interaction and consolidate our views to something as simple as a hashtag. Recently though it has become increasingly popular with people who normally have CNN on in their house before bed. This has resulted in people questioning whether to continue with the classic broadcast means for news or to switch to the untamed world of fake news and controversy of twitter.

As evidenced below there are direct arguments that ensue from both sides pro news on twitter and against.

Continuing the rhetoric there are unfortunately not as many unreliable sources as there are factually sound ones. This has driven apart a nation already divided by political affiliation, not having a consistent reliable source has pushed people to look away from twitter for news. But this does not represent those who want their news delivered first.

Those who look to find their news first from twitter have run into issues with how twitter governs their conduct policies while using the site as evidenced above when twitter ran into trouble for blocking the views of pro life organizations thus providing a troubling view on freedom of the press.

Many of the problems with how twitter displays their news comes from the more politically driven issues that permeate society. For instance Trumps continuos attempts to drive social commentary to twitter rather then CNN is evidenced in his tweet that showed a gif that is screenshotted above of Trump performing a wrestling move on the CNN logo. This push towards twitter for news by the president of the united states is designed to further divide reliable news sources from the infinite stream of news from unreliable sources.

Avoiding politics and having a twitter account may be a possible option but the problem still remains as to what the most reliable source of news is. Trumps anti CNN rhetoric is laced with the ideas that finding your news online without anyone to fact check it is a better option then the traditional means of news. This isn’t hard to see for people who reliably use twitter for news but divides those who are used to a traditional more refined broadcast experience. Its your choice to turn off the tv for your news but having no control on the news you read is a problem that may not subside as twitter slowly takes over as the most popular news source.