My 2018 Revelations Are Here.

Miki Agrawal
Dec 31, 2018 · 8 min read

Dear friends,

Isn’t it interesting that the concept of “a year” is completely made up? It does make sense why (it’s based on the time required for the Earth to rotate around the sun), however it was decided by a Pope that it will be so. There could have been so many other ways to break it down but the calendar was created like this, 436 years ago, in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. To this day, we still follow the Gregorian calendar system.

How hard would it be to disrupt the concept of time? Fascinating to think about right?

Alright, I’m going to get right into it ‘cuz this made-up time in ticking!

Here are my top 3 revelations from this most recent rotation around the sun (“2018”). This first revelation is a long one and the rest are shorter so saddle up.

  1. I can heal my body if I set my mind to it. And I did. There are simply no excuses not to exercise, eat well and have the willpower to take care of our bodies.

Before giving birth to my awe-inspiring son Hiro Happy, I had a very hyperactive thyroid gland and the doctor told me that I would have to either take my thyroid out (aka I would have to take pills every day for the rest of my life, aka the hospital/drug system would win bc I would have to keep getting pills from them over and over again) or do radioactive iodine therapy, which is an assault on the thyroid, at which point I would also have to take said pills again aka the hospital/drug system would win again.

It makes me sad thinking about the made-up industries like “birth control” and even “A.D.D.” etc where people are told by their doctors to take pills EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who wins? Definitely not the person whose body is altered. Hospitals/big pharma — of course they win. These made up incentives via fear tactics are all so played out. And of course, if it’s truly a rare chemical thing and pills are required to regulate these rare cases, then ok, but for most of it? All made up with messed up incentives.

I obviously did NOT do either of those things and instead spent a year healing my body in the following ways:

  • diet (no refined sugar, no gluten, no dairy, NO EGGS, no processed foods), no coffee (I don’t drink coffee anyway), no alcohol (I don’t drink alcohol anyway), no nightshade veggies except potatoes. Sauces are KEY when eating mostly veggies and I eat some fish/chicken/fruit/rice/yams, lots of lemon/ginger hot water and green smoothies/juices.
  • consistent meditation — download the free Insight Timer app, it’s the best.
  • exercise regularly — 4x / week plus lots of walking
  • Massage 1x per week
  • Acupuncture 1 x per month
  • going to sleep before 11pm
  • taking supplements (B12, D3, zinc, probiotics (Therbiotic complete refrigerated probiotic)
  • life coaching (aka purging the shit I was bottling up inside) — (Ps. if you tell them that you found them through me, they will take extra care of you :-))

And I healed myself completely. My thyroid went back to normal and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy. (Also you don’t need birth control anymore if you actually track your period. There are free apps everywhere that are ACCURATE! Check out Glow or My Cycles.)

The doctors did warn me that my thyroid will likely re-flair up post birth and they were right this time. And so in 2018, I again focused on my body, what I was putting in it (I gave myself up to 2 bites of dessert to taste once a week, never eating more (which is the hardest part for most, so you have to push your plate away after 2 bites) but I also didn’t want to feel like I was not treating myself too — and I found that 2 bites is all I needed if I savored it. We only want more in that instant but if we let it settle, it’s perfectly satiating. I also let myself eat all of the yummy Moroccan breads while on my trip to Africa bc the breads are so fresh and not processed like they are here — so when traveling the world, we give ourselves more leeway.) I started meditating regularly again to Insight Timer’s “Law of Attraction and Abundance” meditation, bought an exercise bike and some weights (anyone can put one in the corner somewhere) so I didn’t have any excuses not to work out regularly. (My gym is now too far away since I moved and so I was not as consistent so I bought a stationary bike and some weights, a bosu ball and a yoga mat and have been exercising almost every day!) I started taking my supplements again this year too. And of course, I’ve been seeing my life coach Lauren consistently.

Annnnd I just got back from my physical last week and she told me that all of my levels are pretty much back to normal again and I can start working on Baby #2!!! COME ON LET’S GOO! There are NO excuses not to really treat our bodies like a shrine. It’s all we’ve got! This time, I will keep going and won’t stop. I think with the little leeways like 2 bites of dessert once a week or trying things while traveling overseas will help me keep it going! Also, I got sprays and droppers for my vitamins so if you don’t like swallowing pills like I did, sprays and droppers (and even gummies if from the right source) are perfect.

2. What happened, happened. The rest are just stories in our brain. I learned about this game-changing simple concept called INTENTION/ ATTENTION/ NO-TENSION.

It really is easy to loop things that happened to us in our brains, especially the tough experiences. And when we recognize that the thing already happened and we’re basically wasting precious time focusing on the details of it, it prevents us from fully moving forward. Yes, it’s great to remember the good times and the bad, but the goal is to take the beauty and the lessons from all of them and keep moving forward.

My brilliant friend and NY Times best-selling author Chris Attwood shared a concept with me called “INTENTION/ ATTENTION/ NO-TENSION”.

The idea behind it is this: when we set out to do something, we start by setting an INTENTION for it. For example, my intention for my business TUSHY is: “We want to create a product that will shift the way Americans use the bathroom forever, and save millions of trees while we do it.”

And then we focus our ATTENTION on it to really make it happen. For example, by putting our attention on this idea and activating it, Saturday Night Live found out about TUSHY and did a whole segment on it. See the hilarious segment here. By putting our attention on it, the culture around bidets is in fact shifting and we are experiencing it first hand.

To me, the idea of “manifesting” something has to do with putting my attention on it. It manifests when I am directing energy toward it. Sometimes we get lucky and shit just appears, but most of the time it’s because we put our attention on it.

And the final part is the most important: NO-TENSION. This is all about releasing expectations and releasing outcomes. All we can do is our best and do it without tension and stress. The tension and stress is what tortures people and health. I spent this year really working on the NO-TENSION part and I think my thyroid is a litmus test to it too, in that if I am stressed, it’s not healthy for my thyroid or my body. And with this philosophy, we almost tripled our business this year and my thyroid and body are happy and thriving. I think having an amazing, mature leadership team and overall team for TUSHY helps too!

3. Why be ugly to each other? Replace talking about each other with talking about ideas.

Andrew, Hiro and I traveled to five countries over a 3 week period last month in November (South Africa, Kenya, Bahrain, Dubai, Morocco). We were on a speaking tour for the first four countries and then went to Morocco for Andrew and my honeymoon, post recent nuptuals in September. What an eye-opening trip where we learned so much about different types of people.

While I was in South Africa, my host and I talked about Apartheid and how his sister was deeply entrenched in the Anit-Apartheid movement. He shared a story about conflict resolution and used a sentence that felt very South African in the way he said it. He said “Why be ugly to each other?”

I never heard it said like that in America and it’s so true. Why do we need to be ugly to each other and talk so much shit about SO many people, SO often of the time? We forget that we pretty much have only 21,000 days to live from the point we graduate college (approx 22 years old) to the point we die, and we spend so much of our miraculous breath being ugly to each other.

I learned of a philosopher called Wilhelm Reich who coined the term “Murder of Eros”, which means “murder of life force energy” — which means that people want to take other people down to “make themselves feel less small”. Rather than wanting to talk shit and take down, why not uplift, take care of and be inspired by people who are in the ring and doing the thing?

I challenge you to catch yourself and see how often you spend your time talking about others and replace it with an idea. The way I get rid of this is to simply notice when I am in the place of shit talking, and then either catch myself in it and then replace it with a creative idea about anything I’m doing. I focus my attention on something fun and exciting that I am working on, or my sweet boy Hiro or my amazing partner Andrew or the things I love. And I save my frustrations with my coach or one person in my inner circle who can help RESOLVE it.

Alright, it’s time to go and watch the ball drop aka my twin sister’s ball drop aka give birth — due date TODAY…it’s now a waiting game.

I leave you with this:

Every routine is an invitation for disruption. Everything we find ourselves doing because “we have been doing it forever” has the space to be improved, including the way we are with others.

I hope you disrupt your life in the most epic way imaginable in 2019!



PS. Speaking of disrupting yohr life in an epic way, my book Disrupt-Her is coming out on Jan 29, 2019… I wrote the book because I built companies in the taboo categories of periods, pee and poop, where people initially told me these ideas “will never work” and “nobody will change their habits and try this” among uglier things (lol) and I built these companies to now over $150 million with my teams… So it turns out that society is wrong about a lot of things. I dive deep into 13 disruptions in our lives in the categories of career, purpose, relationships, activism, feminism, Patriarchy, culture and share where the common beliefs in these categories come from — and then disrupt them one by one. I poured two years into this book because I know it’s needed and will shake things up. Pre-order it today for you and a friend. More on this in my next email. SEE YA 2018! I HAD FUN!

Miki Agrawal

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Award-Winning New York City Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal