Miki Agrawal

While adoption, IVF, and surrogacy have certainly become more mainstream ideas, the path to motherhood is often still shrouded in secrecy, complex emotions, and a lack of straightforward information. Often, any path to motherhood that deviates from the picture-perfect ideal is seen as “other”, a stigma that undoubtedly creates more…

Last Updated: Oct. 14, 2021 at 9:37 a.m. ET

First Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 9:55 a.m. ET

By Charles Passy

Like many Americans, Kathy Salmanson was frustrated last year when she couldn’t find toilet paper at her local supermarket or elsewhere. …

Miki Agrawal Entrepreneur

While it may seem like the world is in a state of perpetual flux these days (hello, pandemic), now is actually a perfect time to spread those entrepreneurial wings. No matter the global climate or current events, it will be hard. There will be challenges, some of which will be…

TUSHY Ace Miki Agrawal

By Kai Burkhardt

Updated 11:59 AM EDT, Thu September 30, 2021

CNN — Tushy, the witty bidet brand you’ve probably seen all over your social media, has made a name for itself with its easy-to-use bidet attachment perfect for beginners. …

Miki Agrawal, TUSHY Founder

Recently, serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal sat down to chat about health, wellness, and the power that comes with taking control of your health. Emboldening her to speak on this topic, disrupt-her Miki Agrawal recognized various emotional, physical, and mental benefits after becoming proactively interested in her overall wellness. …

Miki Agrawal, Entrepreneur

“While the pandemic has brought a lot of sadness and challenges, it has also provided a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to take a business idea and make it a reality,” said Vishen, founder of Mindvalley. “Our quests are designed to bring real transformation and we are eager to see…

Miki Agrawal

An author’s distinctive worldview provides depth and texture to their work. Perhaps the writer has progressed through several different careers, forming opinions of each job while knowing that they are all key to professional and personal growth. Or, they may have chosen an unconventional lifestyle, fully aware that their choices…

Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal
Miki Agrawal

Deciding whether to begin the in-vitro fertilization (or IVF) process isn’t a simple task. On one hand, there’s the strong desire to have a child who will bring a rich new dimension to life. In addition, technology has made it possible to conceive that child via the non-traditional IVF procedure…

Miki Agrawal Founder of TUSHY
Miki Agrawal Founder of TUSHY

TUSHY creator Miki Agrawal says she has never been embarrassed to tell people what she does. Her newest company, TUSHY, is working to make bidets mainstream by providing a small option that can be hooked to the toilet without a cumbersome setup or stress. There is also a travel-size version…

Miki Agrawal, founder of TUSHY

Miki Agrawal’s life is a richly textured tapestry filled with colorful threads. Dedicated to disrupting the status quo wherever she finds it, Agrawal has started three successful businesses based around breaking traditional taboos. Her two well-received books have delved into her firsthand experiences in carving an unconventional path through life.

Miki Agrawal

Award-Winning New York City Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal

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