Know All About PVC Clear Sheet

The PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride clear sheet is acclaimed for lovely prints and attractive, surface designs. With a versatile solution for applications, PVC clear sheet offers many fabrication options due to its excellent mechanical behavior. The excellent mechanical properties present in the product are great for populated indoor areas as well as short-term outdoor applications.

There are various manufacturers who are popular for offering poly vinyl chloride sheets used for widely known applications. PVC clear sheet is used mostly as cover for tables and televisions. It can withstand many chemical agents and increased impact resistance. These products are manufactured by using optimum grade raw material and contemporary technology in tune with industry set norms.

Main Benefits

· Easily thermoformed and fabricated

· Excellent ink adhesion for digital and screen printing applications

· Excellent fire and chemical resistance

· High light transmission

· Water-clear clarity

· Optional high-impact and UV resistance

· Optional anti-glare finish on one side to eliminate reflection

The plastic clear sheet is highly popular because of the beautiful prints and elegant designs. This is used widely as strip curtain for doors and windows and it is equally useful for both the domestic and commercial environments. The poly vinyl chloride sheet can be easily washed with tap water for cleaning purposes. These are super easy to clean and therefore, this makes the perfect choice cleaning is a microfibre or 100-percent cotton cloths. It does not scratch easily, and will not yellow over time.

The flat clear sheets are designed for temperatures ranging between 0°F and 150°F. These are made using Vinyl Solutions in an effective solution for managing environments. To fulfill the various personal requirements, there are companies who are offering series with low cost self adhesive clear PVC film vinyl hard plastic roll or sheet.

Popular Applications:

ü Fabrication and forming

ü Signage and display

ü Indoor applications in populated areas

ü Short-term outdoor applications

ü Safety in workplace and chemical environments

ü Anti-reflective transparent glazing

PVC sheet features properties like impact strength and self-extinguishing fire resistance which is quite unique. The transparent sheet is available at very affordable rates in the market and you can even order it online. Useful for covering stationary items, it provides dust protection to household and commercial accessories.

Polycarbonate is half the weight of glass and these plastics are much stronger than glass. Polycarbonate has 250 times the impact resistance of glass. It can be bought in flexible grades and it does not crack that easily even under stress. Polycarbonate has a light transmittance of 88 percent. Highly resistant to chemicals such as gasoline and acids, it can handle temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manufacturing process

PVC clear sheet can fight the initial push of a saw or router at the start of a cut. It can be cut with conventional tools such as saws or routers, though acrylic cuts easier than polycarbonate. Since, it does not crack easily, even if drilled close to the edge with a standard drill bit. Though polycarbonate clear sheet cannot be polished, it can be cold formed or bent without heating.