Samarium Cobalt Magnets: Know All About The Magnet

Samarium-Cobalt is the rare earth permanent magnet which has some unique characteristics that make it one of the most preferred options in the industrial applications. They are availed on different grades and shapes with a wide variety of application requirements. The maximum grade of a SmCo magnet is 28 MGOe. These magnets can be shaped and sized in various configurations, you can imagine in our custom machining shop.

Samarium-Cobalt Magnets, also known as SmCo5 are extracted from Neodymium. This is applicable for uses where high magnetic performance is needed and where magnetic stability is imperative. Samarium Cobalt magnets have properties with high magnetic standard, brilliant thermal stability and distinguished corrosion resistant. They are extremely powerful and especially Sm2Co17 is up to 30 MGOe and its Br up to11,000 Gauss. The highest Hci noted on Samarium Cobalt are as high as 25 KOe and preferred in heat applications.

Unique properties of SmCo:

ü SmCo magnets are renowned for durability as it displays excellent corrosion resistance.

ü Magnetization integrity is high in these magnets, as they resist demagnetization handily. These magnets can stand the temperature up to 250–300 centidegrees.

ü They can operate in conditions up to 500C without suffering any magnetization loss.

In industrial applications where temperature goes so high, Samarium Cobalt Magnets are used frequently and there is much other industrial usage of them too. Over a wide range of temperatures it possesses of high temperature resistance and high magnetic property. If compared to NdFeB magnet, SMCO is more preferred in magnetic motors than NdFeB magnet.

Industries That Uses Smco Magnets:

· Automotive

· Marine

· Medical

· Aerospace

· Military

· Industrial automation

Bonding applications are regularly assembled into products using epoxies where the surface is properly prepared (clean and dry). It is one of the most expensive magnets but once you start using the magnet, there is no chance of demagnetization as it is superiorly resistant. Since they have anti-corrosion properties, you don’t need to coat them as well.

The property which utters high resistance to demagnetization preserves high-quality magnetic property to temperature altering. These magnet’s Reversible temperature coefficient is -.03 ~ -.0435 of Br/°C. They don’t require any surface treatment as they have high corrosion resistant and work perfect in humid environments.

The Samarium Cobalt magnets can be abrasively machined when you introduce coolant to absorb heating and dust. In case you skip to use coolant, these may crack and chip due to the heat produced from high speed cutting or grinding. The possibility of fire in case the sparks contains as they are easily oxidized while grinding dust.

Precautionary Measures:

Safety procedures are important to maintain the magnets, otherwise, it can create much of damage and even accident at the site as well. They have been known to chip from large distances and drop at an unfortunate angle. Since these are hard and brittle, so, this can shatter into sharp, dangerous objects. Make sure all personnel handling these magnets can handle with care.