Shisha Charcoal For Hookah Lovers

Hookah is surely a traditional means of smoking but it has got an attitude which yet makes it relevant to the society. All they do is heat up the shisha and you can input any of your favorite hookah flavors to the pot. Aside from the type/flavor of shisha you are smoking, you also need to ensure of the coal you are using for the hookah and whether the hookah is properly sealed and set up.

The hookah coals or the shisha charcoal you choose to use are the most important aspect of your hookah set up. There are actually too many factors that lead to a definitive coal usage decision and one of the main factors is consistency in the charcoal size. Focus on the best brands of natural hookah charcoal and you will find it much more blissful experience on your shisha next time.

How Does Different Coal Make A Difference?

The most basic users are completely unaware of the coals used for hookah specifically and therefore, they end up using quick light charcoal. This quick light charcoal is popular for its ease of use and it lights faster than natural coals but it lasts lesser as well. Natural charcoals are much superior than the quick charcoals because they last much longer than the quick charcoals.

Benefits Of Quick Light Charcoals:

These are used by everyone who has tried hookah because at the beginning of their hookah journey. This is very accessible to every new smoker because it is easy to use and something that you don’t have to stress about. Quick Light Charcoals, also known as Quicklite coals are quick to light, have an accelerant in their composition and nothing extra to learn.

For disadvantages, they have a disgusting odor and they can be quite expensive for purchasing and usage both.

Benefits Of Natural Coconut Charcoals:

These are 100% natural coals when it comes to your hookah sessions. If you really want your hookah sessions to have clean and pure flavor, natural coconut coals are going to be the way to go. They provide a much longer lasting smoke than the Quicklite, they impart little to no coal taste onto your sessions and they create a minimal mess.

They do take longer to light being the disadvantage, it also makes it up with the longevity without a doubt. It takes anyone at least about five minutes or so to set up their hookah anyway (packing the bowl, cleaning the hookah, changing the water, etc.). So, you can manage that much for a good shisha charcoal, right?

The use of pure materials in the manufacturing process draws attention from hookah smokers, a pure material will always create the lesser mess and much more longevity in smoke. With high quality performance, charcoal companies must provide the user with a new benefit, or some improvements from an existing product.

The charcoal options with their amazing consistency and dense charcoal provides a high heat output with clean and minimal ash content. Find the great quality shisha charcoal whichever suits your priorities and make your hookah experience better than the last time.