New Environments:

Positivity is The Key My Friends

There is no remedy to prepare someone for life at college and away from home. I know I was certainly not ready for this big transition. Nervousness was my primary feeling when I first came to college. But I remembered something I was taught by my parents; that was to go into something new with an open mind and a smile on my face. That way I had less of a chance to encounter a bad experience. The moral of the story is that the best thing someone can do is have a positive attitude and commit to adapting to their new environment. Having a great outlook on the situation could accelerate the process of adjustment. A study summarized in “Homesickness and Adjustment Across the First Year of College” states that as soon as a person commits to bonding to a place, they become attached to it. This is precisely what happens with your place at home (338). If you want to improve and succeed in a new environment, you need to have this positive outlook.

In life, all we want to do is succeed and thrive. So, why not set ourselves up so that we have the greatest chance of accomplishing that? Use this theory of positive outlook. Of course everyone hits some bumps in the road regarding changes that they are not ready for, specifically a change from home to college. Especially as children, individuals lose that feeling of comfort and familiarity when they make the move to college. If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to make the progress you want, take a look around you. Most people are dealing with the same thing you are. And most people will eventually adapt to whatever environment they find themselves at. But, they do it at their own pace.

Think to yourself. How do you feel about your new environment? Are your feelings they positive or negative? Did you go into it with an open mind? Or, did you assume the worst already? Of course, many different emotions are going to be filling your mind. Telling you that you are out of your element and to be scared. But once everything starts to become familiar and you make new friends, this positive approach will start to come through and help you with your new life.

As Stephen King has said, “If you’ve ever been homesick, or felt exiled from all the things and people that once defined you, you’ll know how important welcoming words and friendly smiles can be.” People do not have to move into a new place alone. The welcoming from nice people can be a factor in helping keep your positive outlook.

This isn’t just confined to the subject of college. Moving to a new place after getting married or getting relocated because of a job are all great real world examples of when to use a positive point of view. After people get married, the usual thing is to move to a place that both partners agree on. It is a scary, exciting, new experience. But, having each other for support and staying positive, assists with the change. This leads to good, happy thoughts toward the new move to a new city or even country. Another reason someone might encounter a change in environment is if they must relocate for their job. Many people need to move because of their job like members of the military, healthcare professionals, and photographers. They must leave what is routine and familiar to them for a whole new office or setting. And it is easy to fall into thoughts of negativity simply because they are not used to anything at this new place. It is frustrating. What you can do is talk to your co-workers, chances are they were exactly where you were a couple months ago. Again, the support of others around you will contribute to your happiness at the new workplace and help you succeed there.

This understanding of being positive when you encounter a new environment is important in the sense that it will help people succeed and make progress in their lifetime. It will also give them good habits of being accepting and self-confident when doing everyday things.