Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

I understand the pain and hurt, so do many others. There is much at fault with the current and with past establishments. No argument about that.

However, any vote for Trump is a fool’s vote. Trump has no concern for those that are in pain through industrial closures, companies moving off-shore or anything else.

To sneer at those who like something different to your own preferences is simply to be abusive. No matter how such an action is termed, it is *not* an argument in support of anything.

“…what can this guy do that’s any worse than what the rest of those DC clowns have done?”

First of all, “those DC clowns” are not. That is simply more abuse. There are competent and incompetent politicians, just as there are competent and incompetent bartenders, cafe owners, physicians and members of any other occupation that you care to name.

Civil society demands bureaucracy, research has shown us that. Deciding who makes decisions on behalf of 30 people, let alone 365 million is a complex issue. Democracy, as one solution, is interpreted in different ways in different locations. Even from its inception it was flawed in that it restricted voting to an elite and that didn’t include a single woman. There are many other systems of organisation but most of them, such as socialism and communism have been derided as “beyond the pale” by a populist media representing capitalism, which is largely the cause of the pain that’s mentioned here.

Yes, you may feel that current and past Presidents or Parties have failed the people. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you. However, what is being advocated here is the election of a bigoted, sexist, self-serving, unscrupulous and not too bright egocentric who would likely contribute to the start of a third world war or worse.

There are 2 candidates in this election. That you don’t like one of them is not a reason to vote for the other when the evidence is clear that the other has far worse attributes than the one you don’t like. To vote for someone as blatantly self-aggrandising, ignorant, prejudiced, fraudulent, sexist, racist and without a single policy, would display abject stupidity.

If you have two candidates and they both have flaws, it makes sense to vote for the one with, not only the fewest flaws but also with respect to the nature of those flaws. Yes, Hilary Clinton is an establishment figure and has made decisions in government that some people haven’t liked. — Name me a politician that hasn’t.

The thing is that Trump is no less a member of the establishment, as much as he may pretend otherwise by selling populist sentiment and prejudice to the least educated, least politically articulate and aware, and least affluent. These people are hurting and rightfully so but Trump the billionaire who gained his millions through cheating workers and sub-contractors and having a wealthy father to set him up, has NOTHING in common with them.

The only people that Trump is likely to put into work are conscripts needed for the military when he oversteps the mark in his megalomaniac imitative speeches of Mussolini and Hitler, about making the nation “Great Again”.

Only someone ignorant, misguided or foolish could possibly vote for Trump. If the Republican Party had an executive of integrity it would have disendorsed him long ago. His election would not only be a disastere for the USA but for the whole world.

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