The Utter Exhaustion of the Reasonable American

This is, without doubt, the best article I have read in several months — and I’ve read lots and most of them very good.

I have recently spent some time in “discussions” [an overly grand title for them] on both this site and Taki’s magazine. The drivel and unintelligent dogma is horrendous. The abuse replete with expletives, hate, prejudice and stupidity.

Exhausted? Yes. I don’t know whether to drop out of everything and feel guilty for not doing my bit — but have a breather, at least, or whether to give back to these anti-intellectual, anti-evidence, anti-critical analysis, antediluvian miscreants the same as they put out — and then feel guilty for dropping down to the gutter to join them.

So, your answer sounds ideal. Please count me in. I’m from the antipodes so I tend to hop around rather than walk or run but if you can cope with that, I’ll leave my boomerang at home, bring my billy, and make you some tea.

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