Course 2_week 2: Downloading Python 3 and Atom

My husband needed to go to work all night for some project. I just accompanied him to motivate him. I needed to stay up until morning, however, I had nothing to do... So I decided to get about week 2.

This time, I just needed to download Python 3 and Atom, and make sure I know how to do screenshots. I did exact same contents on course 1.


To be honest, I still didn’t know how to run my Python code in terminal. Dr. Chuck’s always showed me trying code on terminal though. I’ve just used the assignment tool, I haven’t used terminal to try my code. I haven’t used Atom to draft my code as well.

This time, I wanted to make these things clear: How to use Atom to draft my codes, and how to try my codes on terminal.

Unfortunately, on the course, there is no detail explanation about terminal for beginner (Also, my lazy brain refused to learn terminal.)

I saw some YouTube videos that explain how to run my Python code on terminal and copied what they did. However, I got stuck in the middle each time.

I searched in Japanese, I referred some blogs that’s written for total beginners. I run into several words I didn’t know: directory, alias, interpreter… I think people might laugh at me, because these are probably really basic computer words! Anyway, as I searched words I didn’t know, I tried what they said.

I repeated error and try. I took several hours for search, understanding and trial. At the end, I somehow did following things:

I made sure Python 3 had installed on my laptop.

I knew I needed Homebrew and I installed it.

I knew if I enter python and hit enter, the interpreter was activated on terminal.

Even though I took a long time to do such small things, it was really good for me: Since I played with terminal and Atom for a while, I feel like I got some confidence to keep learning Python.

It’s 5:13 am. My husband is going to finish his project in an hour…