Lessons From My Business Life And More

I will proclaim not to be a know it all or by no means be a perfect person whether in business or in private life. But Lord knows that I have certainly seen and experienced a lot and draw my lessons from far and wide, from many varied industries, geographical locations, mentors, authors, role models and much more.

And so it is that after some thought, I have decided that I wish to share some of my insights. Some of my experiences and some of the lessons I have learned along the way.

Some will be based on positive experiences and some on negative. I have witnessed both and I have been the cause myself of both.

Yes, that’s right. I have made my share of mistakes and poor choices, and in truth, I’m hoping that at least I learn from it along the way. I believe, by sharing my thoughts and by recollecting some of such incidences, may help me too learn the lessons that we need to learn and at the same time I’m hope that others may benefit from it as well.

Stated differently, I’m sharing these thoughts with the hope to help a lot of people and therein lies the biggest motivation for me, but I know also, that I probably need to learn a thing or two along the too, so I believe this will be beneficial on mutual level.

Fortunately, I also believe that I have from time to time made good choices and been part of the creation of something awesome and of something that resulted in substantial value.

I’m always interested in Leadership and in Business. Leadership in many respects and on all levels. Business as in any kind of business (almost). Because of my interest, I feel it’s about time that I share to greater extent my feelings and thoughts on the subject matter.

True, I have already written or been part of several books. At the time of this writing I have collaborated on 9 books, 8 of which became instant Best Sellers. The topics of these were predominantly about Mindset (my favorite topic) and two of them specifically on Marketing (there can be no business without Marketing).

True, I also write on occasion on my personal blog on my ego-website, http://www.mikkelpitzner.com, and on several other sites, usually comprising businesses that I either own and operate or that I’m a partner of or in some other way am affiliated with, usually through part ownership.

However, I’m committed to step up further to the plate here (and elsewhere), so I’m pleased here with this first post on Medium.com to be announcing my future involvement and presence.

In truth, I’m also motivated by several things that I’m seeing more and more of these days. One of the typical reoccurring elements is that of business owners that I meet who are overwhelmed by relatively minute and tedious tasks of their business. They are making some very typical mistakes seen from my perspective, but they are too close to see it themselves. I believe some of my insights can help and I would like to help more, which in turn means, I probably need to speak up more and share more.

Another thing that kind of stirs my pot these days, is the result of much frustration that I’m personally experiencing with a number of people, who are constantly demonstrating complete lack of integrity and trustworthiness.

I will not say that I’m the guard of morality, nor that I’m perfect in any shape or form.

However, it is often quoted that the most important trait in business and in leadership is that of Integrity.

If so many of us can agree on that, then it is scary, surprising and truly sad, that yet so many are not living it.

Anyways, don’t be alarmed that I will smack you in your face all the time with high morals. But do know, that my intentions with presenting my cases or my thoughts here are to bring great lessons, great insights and also it’s my hope, to bring motivations and inspirations.

We all need motivations and inspiration from time to time. I’m thankful to know and continuously meet high caliber and very awesome people, but I’m also astounded and sadden from time to time about the many others that I encounter, who lack any decent aspirations in their lives or for the lives of those around them.

If in any small amount, I can help nudge, just one person to something better and possibly even by direct or indirect influence aid in a betterment of a life or livelihood for one (or better yet, more) person(s), then I shall be very satisfied with my efforts.

I hope that you will follow along with me. I hope that you will keep your flaming and derogatory comments with you totally disagree with me to a minimum and I hope that you will shout out loud when you appreciate what I have to share.

Whatever, your thoughts or whether you agree with me or not with my sentiments and writings along the way, I will welcome good sound and preferably constructive conversations. In other words, I will welcome and appreciate your comments and engagement along the way.

As I hope to perhaps convey something to you that can benefit you in your life, I also truly hope and wish to learn from you.

Let’s commence the journey…