Speed Of Implementation

If you have read a number of books on success and what it takes and read stories on how some people seem to achieve results while many others don’t, you have probably come across the consensus that states that those who implement fast invariably get the best results.

In fact the reason they often get the best results is that those who do not implement fast actually often never end up implementing at all. In other words they never actually put in any action steps towards using the new knowledge or using the new ideas.

Implementing fast actually gets you going. At least you will get started and as the first step is often the most difficult, now you have commenced and it is more likely that you may take yet another step and another.

Now you are moving along and if you are really good you will have achieved some momentum to keep you at it and to motivate you to keep going.

Too often we have ideas — some may even be quite good ideas — but do not act upon them. Before you know it, you are in a different place mentally and in your thoughts and won’t come back to your idea.

Often as we learn something new, we may get excited about how awesome the new bit of knowledge and information was, but yet we are not putting it into use, and before you know it, you have forgotten the valuable piece of newly acquired knowledge.

Without the action being taken, nothing new really happens and no changes (towards the goal) takes place. You are just standing still.

Personally, I read a ton of books (at least from time to time) and that means that I pick up a lot of ideas and knowledge that I may not have had previously, but if I do not put these new ideas into action, then I like most other people, end up forgetting about them sooner rather than later.

Since I do read a lot, however, I often come across similar ideas again and are thus reminded, so you may say that that help me get the idea really to stay with me over a longer period of time. However, the better step regardless, would be to take the idea and actually try it out. Implement it into your activities and into your business where you believe it has relevance and can help produce results.

When you have learned something new, this is by far the best way to actually really learn the new idea.

“…to learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.” ― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

I’m writing this as a continuum of the line of thought presented in my post here on Medium of yesterday: A Sense Of Urgency and because to great degree these two ideas and posts are related to each other.

The post of yesterday stated that you should conduct your business with a sense of urgency. That you should implement tight deadlines and expectations of efficiency and moving along with the tasks and assignments with speed. That you should instill in your employees and organization and in your vendors and collaborative partners this expectancy that everyone must move swiftly and positively towards bringing about the desired outcomes and results in a very timely manner.

Implementing a new piece of knowledge or a new idea fast, is very much related to the same concept. You need to get going. You need to move on things now rather than later, if you expect to reap any benefits from it.

If you learn a new language, it will help you much, much more if you get the chance to make use of it straight away (and preferably use it a lot). If you just learned a bit of how to use a new piece of software, it will benefit you much, much more to make use of the software extensively fast, so that your newly gained skills and insights can cement themselves in you. If you learned some math formula, put it into action and application to really grasp it and how to use it.

It really doesn’t matter what we are talking about that the new idea or new piece of knowledge is about. Fast implementation will help it get more clear in your mind and cement it better into your library of skills for recollection later on down the line.

If you have a great idea for business (be it a new one or be it for your current business), then it may serve you very well to implement it fast. Your new idea is fresh in your mind and it may even have brought with it an excitement and strength that will motivate you and speed you along. Not all ideas will work well for you in reality, but even when a new idea doesn’t work, you may still end up learning some valuable insights from it and from trying it out.

Does it mean you should try out all new ideas?

No. You will still spend just a little effort making good evaluation and judgement about the relative relevance of the idea in concern for your business or your activities.

But it does mean that if you do find that a newly acquired idea or concept really seem to hold some great value for your business and your opportunities that makes good sense for you to implement, then you should move on it sooner rather than later.

Later has a nasty tendency of never arriving.

At least when it comes to; “… Some day I will do so and so..”

Well, that some day never comes.

No, if it makes sense, if the idea hold substantial and relevant promise, then implement. Act on it now and see where you can take it.

We are not talking about zigzagging away chasing new ideas, new directions and new idea implementation with no end in sight like a mad man. Your overall vision for where you are going (or rather where you wish to go) should guide you and tell you if it seems likely that the new idea can help you there quicker.

So if you find that your new idea makes sense for where it is you wish to head and for where you wish to take your business, then implement it fast or you will more often than not see that it was never implemented at all and thus didn’t serve you any benefit at all.

Implementing it fast also helps you take the action steps to move forward and possibly faster. Too often we talk about ideas, but don’t actually do anything with them. We have a ton of great thoughts about what we could do that would move the needle, but we do none of it in real life.

Doing as opposed to talking will make things happen. Doing is what you need to do.

If you decide on introducing a new product that you can deliver on now, then get going. If you decide on expanding operations into a new market or new geography and you have found you can make it happen now, then get it going now.

You can come up with thousands of excuses of why you need to wait. But invariably there is not a better time nor a better opportunity later on. Later on, you will more likely than not find that making it happen will be just as difficult.

Should you expand your business rapidly from one country to another straight away before getting a good grip on your current location for example?


That’s not what I’m saying at all.

But if you do have a good grasp on your current geographical marked and you can master and tackle entering into a new one and expect success from such endeavor, then you should get going and should get going sooner rather than later.

Yes, often it’s scary to take on new ideas, new markets new anything. But if your evaluations say you should do it, then get a move on.

Again the main point of this post is to act fast rather than sit back and stay busy with your busyness that is really not propelling you forward.

The example of a new geographical market is just an example, but the concept of this post stay true, whether it is to expand your business model, to change a price, a condition on which you deliver, a product or whatever. Fast implementation will radically change your business.

Speed is of essence.

Time is of essence.

A sense of urgency is once again of the essence.

Success Loves Speed.