How reader engagement helped unearth the Shell tape
Ernst-Jan Pfauth

I’m getting a bit sick of everyone blaming everyone else. Shell knew! They are the bad guys! Shell says governments are to blame! Their fault! Consumers aren’t voting with their behaviour! It’s society’s fault!

Come on guys. Shell, like many other companies, know climate change is a big problem, but it needs addressing on a global scale. In fact if you actually read their reports, they spent a HUGE amount of money on this, and they definitely have not buried their head in the sand. Watch the video! It’s not lies and spin, its accurate science!

The solution to climate change is not as simple as just ‘investing into renewables research’. If Shell could have researched and patented world-leading renewables research ahead of everyone else, do you really think they would pass up that chance commercially? If you look at the DATA, back in 1990, the USA was the biggest contributor to greenhouse emissions (see graphs such as But now it’s being dwarfed by China, and within 15 years, probably India. What those countries need are cheap infrastructural solutions and things like a carbon tax in the USA aren’t going to have any effect on China/India.

A lot of modern research is actually pointing towards new smaller cheaper nuclear reactors rather than wind/solar, to solve the immediate production gap for the next 10–20 years whilst the battery and renewables technology reaches economic viability. But unfortunately this doesn’t sit well with a lot of activists for green technology despite it being our best hope for immediate halting of climate change. I can’t imagine Shell single handedly trying to push for nuclear power!

Climate change is a truly global problem and the first thing we need to do is to stop blaming ‘the other side’ and come together.

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