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The world is broken because we’re broken… — Viola Davis

Growing up in the heartland of America as a daughter of a first-generation, immigrant parents I have lived and grew through many traumatic and painful experiences that were the results of the different physical and social characteristics that I inherited at birth (e.g., my gender, ethnic background, the color of my skin).

I still remember vividly the first (of many) time a teacher was angry at me for speaking Vietnamese in a supposedly “English-only” class. I still remember the disapproving looks people gave my parents as well as the look of pity they gave my siblings and I as my parents handed the grocery clerk our family’s food stamps. …

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In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

Not many people know this, but I used to hate running. It all can be traced back to my sophomore year in high school when my gym coach out of nowhere declared on final day that everyone who wants to pass his class (regardless of what grade people have earned so far) must be able to run a mile in under 15 minutes. Throw in the fact, none of the activities we have done so far up to that point has anything to do with running.

Of course, I was furious. I refused to let my then “A” in the class quickly turn into an “F” due to a single activity. So, I used my anger as fuel and ran as if my life were depending on it. Even while my sides were severely cramping and every minute that passed by felt like never-ending torture, I didn’t stop running. I ended up reaching the finish line with two minutes or so to spare. However, after that traumatic day I decided I will never, ever be caught in any running activities if I could help it. …

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The wound is the place where the Light enters you . ― Rumi

The great German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, once wrote “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

Living is a blessing, but living is also not easy; especially during times when we are confronted with great challenges such as the loss of a job, loss of a relationship; loss of a loved one. During times of great difficulties, it can feel overwhelming even to breathe as we are struggling to keep our head afloat amid the pounding waves of pain.

It can be tiring to put in the effort day in and day out―trying to swim against life’s currents. It might seems futile to stay in the fight when the casualties we continue to see have been mostly on our ends. It is during these times of great darkness that a pervasive thought creeped in our minds that it is time to give up, to accept the the inevitability of defeat, and surrender to life’s great challenges. …

Mikki Phan

Just another speck of dust floating in the vast and wondrous universe; forever chasing after the illusive, 10-year-future self. 🌌🐺🌠

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