Always, start with yourself

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Woke up feeling not so great — legs and body were feeling the beating and residual effects of the 30+ miles I have been pulling the past four days. Outside was dark, cold, and rainy. However, like any other gloomy days before this I reminded myself that the only time I have is now; and the only work I can do is the work on myself. So, I laced up my running shoes and started my speed work run and completed the workout I set out to do this morning.

It was hard. It was extremely uncomfortable. And it was painful. But it also felt absolutely exhilarating once it is done.

By completing this workout I have added another task that I completed before the day starts along with the task of making my bed. And by completing this workout I know that if all else failed today, at least I know I have done a good deed — not only for myself, but for the world around me. Because after the workout, I am now more focus, more strong, more fearless, and more ready to tackle whatever challenges may face me today and to extend the love I have gave to myself this morning to others around me.

So, whatever you do today don’t forget that everything starts with you first. We can’t give what we don’t have. I can’t give you apples if all I have are oranges. Similarly, if all I have are negative thoughts and limiting beliefs then that is all I will end up giving out to the rest of the world.

Thus, if we want to give more love to others, we must first learn how to give more love to ourselves. Whether it is the gift of learning, calm mind, or healthy body — what gift will you choose to give to yourself today?

Below are my morning no-equipment needed, full-body workout that anyone can do anywhere. Do it to your best ability and modify it according to your own body and needs (e.g., instead of full push-ups do it with your knees on the ground). The total workout duration is about 90 minutes. However, you can break it out into smaller chunks and do it throughout the day if you are limited on a solid block of time.

Warm-Up (7 minutes)

Pre-Run Yoga with Adriene

Speed Work Run (45 minutes)

2-minute sprint

1-minute walk

Total: 15 rounds

Run Alternative (45 minutes)

2-minute jump rope/jumping jack

1-minute rest

Total: 15 rounds

Body Weight Exercises (30 minutes)

**Do these in pairs with minimal rest in between for a total of 3–5 rounds

Walking lunge with pulse at the bottom (10 each side)
Bench dip with pulse at the bottom (10x)

Jump squat (10 each side)
Push-up (10x)

Skater jump (10 each side)
Single-leg hip raise (10 each side)

Plank Running Man (10 each side)
Scissor Jump Plank (10)

Side plank with leg raise (10 each side)
Plank Hip dips (10 each side)

Cool Down (9 minutes)

Post-Run Yoga Stretch



She lives her life aiming to keep her eyes on the stars, and her feet on the ground. 🌌🐺🌠

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Mikki Phan

She lives her life aiming to keep her eyes on the stars, and her feet on the ground. 🌌🐺🌠