OTF 2G — ESP/2000m Benchmark(3.25.19)

Mikki Phan
Mar 26, 2019 · 1 min read
It will become reality if you refuse to quit. Embrace where you’re at now, not where you are not. — Hannah Eden

Format & Theme: 2G | ESP (2000m benchmark)

Equipment: Tread, rower, dumbbell (DB); BOSU

Location: San Jose Rose Garden

Coach: Tri

Run/Row Block (13 mins): Row 2000m, 2 min Push pace on tread, 12 reverse lunges total; decrease run by 30sec each round and keeping the same number of lunges

Floor Block 1 (13 mins — aim 3–4 sets): 12 back extension on BOSU, 24 running man on BOSU, 12 DB ground to press, 12 standing DB overhead tricep extension, 12/14/16 standing DB overhead calf raises

Run Block (5 mins): Continue run where left off and decrease run by 30sec each round follow by 12 reverse lunges total (if down to 30 sec run stay in that round until time is called)

Floor Block 2 (7 mins — 3–4 sets): 10 DB ground to press, 12/14/16 bicycle crunches total

Mikki Phan

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