What I do during times of crisis

Source: Google Image.

During times of great uncertainty and adversity, I always fall back to the 10 lessons that Admiral McRaven shared with the class of 2014 graduates at UT from his years of being in the Navy Seal.

These lessons have shaped my behaviors and my views of life and its challenges. They are the reasons why I continue to make my bed every morning; why I smile the brightest smile and sing the loudest song every time I feel like I’m “up to my neck in mud”.

As the world is going through a major crisis right now and things seem to get dimmer by the day I hope Admiral McRaven’s speech will serve as a pillar of strength for many; and a good reminder for all of us who dared to dream that if we want to change the world we must be our very best in the darkest moment.

Watch the inspiring speech below:

I would also love to hear from others what books/speeches/resources have helped motivate you to navigate through life’s greatest challenges.

She lives her life aiming to keep her eyes on the stars, and her feet on the ground. 🌌🐺🌠