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  1. Here is a reading list that covers a lot of “how we got here” stuff that’s pretty useful. It’s daunting, but scroll through and see what catches your eye. Spend…

Hi, I’m Mikki. You can read more about me at the bottom of this page. I started these pages because around the time that I wrote this, I was getting a deluge of emails and texts from people asking what they can do and how they can help in the wake of the election. These were people who aren’t seasoned activists, who have energy and resources, and who want a little guidance. These pages are for them.

Here is what I wrote when a friend who lives in NYC but is from Texas got in touch with me, saying, “What…

My text messages and phone conversations have had a certain theme over the last twelve hours: “I’m scared.” “I feel helpless.” “What do we do now?” “ I don’t know how to live. Or fight.” After 520 days when phone banking, donating, arguing with friends, attending benefit rock shows, and going door to door were the easy, viable options for many on the left to comfortably express their values, progressives across the spectrum are now left looking into a chasm. We need to protect communities of color, people living with disabilities, the LGBT community, women, and all of those whose…

Mikki Halpin

Writer. I grew up in Southern California in the 70s, making me a violent punker and a peaceful vegetarian. My correct opinions are mine.

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