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Hi, I’m Mikki. You can read more about me at the bottom of this page. I started these pages because around the time that I wrote this, I was getting a deluge of emails and texts from people asking what they can do and how they can help in the wake of the election. These were people who aren’t seasoned activists, who have energy and resources, and who want a little guidance. These pages are for them.

Here is what I wrote when a friend who lives in NYC but is from Texas got in touch with me, saying, “What can we do now?”

There isn’t an easy answer, of course. I feel like, with any resistance movement (sorry for such a grandiose term), there have to be multiple fields of action. Some people operate on just the one where they feel comfortable and feel like they can have the most impact, some people operate on more than one, and some people are just trying to stay safe and alive, which in itself is revolutionary.
For my own personal perspective, I feel like the best thing to do — without saying other things are bad or ineffective — is to find a group that is already doing the work and be side by side with them. You are from Texas right? I know Emily is, but I think you are too. Anyway, this is just an example. You could find an abortion fund or a death penalty group or a group that works with women and children immigrants, and sort of be their NY chapter. Like, find other Texas expats, or just regular people, and be like, we are committing to this group, we will help fund them, we will ask them what they want, if there is a candidate in a local election they want to support, we will phone bank, or donate, or go for the weekend and go door to door.
I just feel like a situation where you are supporting something you believe in, and you form a real personal relationship with them, it’s going to be better for you and for them. That doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t do other things, but that’s the way I’m looking at it and talking about it. The whole think global, act local thing — local can mean somewhere far away if you connect. Maybe you want to join forces with an LGBTQ teen group here in NYC.
My feeling is kind of like, a lot of people just realized the scope of the war, but many people have been out there fighting it already and I think it is better to strengthen their work than to build something from the ground up, although certainly many people will do that, and do some good.
Does that make sense?
There are lots of things like that to do…. Happy to talk more about it. xoxox

About me:

I’m a writer and editor and producer—but you don’t really need to know all that for these Act Local. I’m active in several organizations, and my “public” activism is available in my books, one about environmentally sound housekeeping, and one about activism for teenagers. (the latter book hopefully updated in a new volume soon—agents and editors, hit me up!), this story, this short essay for Lenny, and this piece in the Times. If you are still dying to know more about me, here is my twitter, and my rarely updated, super creaky website.

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