On Buying Solo Ads and CPC campaigns with Traffic Monsoon Profits

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In this post, I’m going to talk about my strategy on buying solo ads and various cpc campaigns with Traffic Monsoon profits. If you aren’t familiar with Traffic Monsoon, then click here. Otherwise keep reading for my strategy and learn why it is working to the tune of 5–20 sign ups in various offers daily.

Could you use 5–20 new sign ups in your business on a daily basis?

Thought so! =)

The back bone of my perpetual traffic plan is Traffic Monsoon. I teach my team how to leverage the rev share income and use that to keep a certain level of ad packs and to buy solo ads/cpc campaigns.

That right there is the big secret. Nothing crazy right?

The specific plan is this.

Join Traffic Monsoon (if you haven’t already)

and buy ad packs.

Keep buying ad packs and surf your 10 ads daily in the traffic exchange.


Because this will allow you to participate in the rev share. Every hour we get paid in Traffic Monsoon based on company sales and by how many ad packs we have. The more ad packs you have is the more you would potentially get paid on an hourly basis. There are no guaranteed daily figures, earnings, or dollar amounts !!

Get to 100 ad packs

Once I got to 100 ad packs, I started taking out a daily portion of my earnings and I buy solo ads fromHERE (Udimi solo ads) and I get my CPC campaigns HERE (Infinite Leverage System). I do this every day.

This is what has blew up my business!

I get leads all day long. I get sign ups EVERY DAY. This isn’t hype. This isn’t useless outdated marketing courses. This is exactly what I am doing on a daily basis.

Some of my mentors I follow buy upwards of 4,000 clicks per week in solo ads and various other traffic. Right now, I’m hovering around 1,000 clicks per week. Keep in mind, this is all coming out of my profits!

I like to call this my Perpetual Traffic Plan.

People don’t make money because they don’t reach enough people.


Using Traffic Monsoon, anyone can get the reach necessary to explode their business. I also have sponsored my largest leg in my business (Four Corners Alliance Group) from an ad pack. The traffic on Traffic Monsoon is very good for a traffic exchange.

Traffic Monsoon has a membership of over 800K and over 3K new members every day.

It would probably be a good idea to get your business in front of those people, don’t you think?

Let’s blow up your business!

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