Disable Twitter’s New “Best Tweets” Timeline Feature in 15 Seconds or Less

When a company that makes its money from ads introduces a new feature, it usually has to do something with yield optimization i.e. making more money from its users. For users it means to be directed towards where the company’s algorithmes think it can make more money form ads. This (really) short article will show you how to not give in to Twitter’s latest attempt in treating you as cattle.

1 While logged in to your Twitter account, navigate to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click your profile picture thumbnail:

2 Scroll to the down of the page that opens after you have hit ‘Settings’ in the previous steps and you will find the option for ‘Show me the best Tweets first”. Disable it, and hit save.

Done. You’ve saved yourself from another ad company telling you what you should see and hear in the name of yield optimization i.e. making more money from ads.