As societies gradually become cashless Christianity is facing the challenge of secular control of finances the way it has never faced before. Blockchain (Decentralised Ledger Technologies) could offer solutions to the Church but few congregations realised the inevitability of this new technology so far.

There are at least two problems with the current digital finances for Christianity:

  1. How to give donations anonymously
  2. How to maintain financial functionality in the probable case of illegality

1. Giving in secret

According to our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:3–4) when we give we should do it in secret. But the usual digital ways of payments do not offer…

On the historical day of Feb 20th, 2018 Venezuela launched Petro, its oil-reserve-backed crypto currency, to finance its crisis and sanctions hit country.

So there is a community (the ruling political party in this case) pushed to the margin of mainstream and they fight for their survival by the new blockchain technology.

I believe there are two ways to see this: the Sith-way and the Jedi-way.

The Sith-way: The rise of warlord financing

By this ‘Petro-event’ we have just got a step closer to the day when a third-world warlord issues a crypto-currency to finance his next military venture.

Why would ICOs be limited to blockchain tech startups? It is like supposing that bank loans are for financial institutes only because the bank loan is a financial instrument hence it can only be used by the financial industry! Ridiculous!

My ICO vision is that one day any businesses (even regular, brick and mortar businesses) will launch ICOs at will if they need to raise funds for any sort of business purposes.

Today an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is expected to be run by a startup with nothing more but a white paper about a strictly blockchain related tech project.

So currently an ICO is expected to be the riskiest project possible

Periodic token price falls have been part of our lives since the Mt. Gox days. But it makes me wonder if ICO project managers will ever learn to have a Contingency Plan for such events…

After meticulously devise a whole token pre-launch marketing campaign with white papers, killing web-designs, infographics, animations, testimonial videos, live events and all the rest of persuasion tools would it hurt to add a short checklist of communication tasks for a sudden free-fall of token price?

…during market turmoil do not stay silent!

There are several factors and forces adding up during a panic sell period…

If you just bumped into the Initial Coin Offering bonanza you might have the feeling that you have already missed those ‘big’ investment opportunities with three-digit returns.
In this post I will argue that you have not missed the ICO boat at all.

ICO Sprint or ICO Marathon?

It all starts with your investment strategy: If you are investing for quick returns with high risks then most current ICOs are for you.
With short term ICO investments if you ever see your money back with or without any profits those returns will not come from business activities but from other micro-investors. …

According to an Accenture slogan from 2014:

…every business is a digital business…

and it is very hard to argue with that statement. Now how does it sound if I say that in the future…

…every business will be a crypto-asset business…?

Few years ago there was a young gentleman who, intentionally or unintentionally hard to tell, but changed online content management forever. He made a whole generation to become photo-reporter, editor and publisher in one. He was Mark Zuckerberg and his tool for his accomplishment was Facebook.

What if someone told you that in few years from now everybody…

A Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) can find all ‘skeletons’ of the b2b sales ‘closet’ and hence lower your investment risks.

Think of irreplaceable account managers, bribed client purchase officers, unofficial sales force hierarchies, verbal promotion promises and many other important details of a b2b sales structure at your target company! (A standard Due Diligence is not designed to show you such nitty-gritties of b2b sales!)

A good Commercial Due Diligence is basically a SWOT analysis of b2b sales:


You can understand what works according to industry best practises to know where to direct your fresh money at the sales department.


There are many things angels are worried about during and after making a startup investment oddly enough b2b lead source types are rarely among them. Though scalable vs. unscalable lead sources can make a big difference regarding your investment money.

What can your money do with unscalable lead sources?

Most startup founders believe that their business could have more leads if they had more money. Which can be true under certain circumstances but it is not true in general. There are many lead sources in b2b sales and hopefully most of them work just fine. But what if most of them are not scalable? Unscalable lead sources can be…

In history there are times when members of the ruling elite got big enough to start printing their own money. Are we to see corporate cryptocurrencies (CokeCoin, BigMacCoin or GoogleCoin) in 2017?

According to James Ricards last time (in 2008) the central banks could bail out the banks but next time those central banks will be the ones to save. In his new book ‘The Road to Ruin’ he claims that in the upcoming financial crisis the IMF will be the only one with enough credibility to bail out the central banks and hence save the global financial system.


When a financial crisis is hard-landing your country and the sales revenues of your company are plummeting the most endangered species at your company is sales leaders.
If you are a sales director in such situation you can either give everything up or try harder the old sales playbook that has been failing you or you can take initiative and come up proactively with professional recommendations for new actions in sales.

Taking initiative is easy to say and hard to do, we both know. When your sales numbers have been down for a while who would give you enough credit…

Miklos Kadar

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