You have not missed the ICO boat!

If you just bumped into the Initial Coin Offering bonanza you might have the feeling that you have already missed those ‘big’ investment opportunities with three-digit returns.
In this post I will argue that you have not missed the ICO boat at all.

ICO Sprint or ICO Marathon?

But I believe some ICOs have much more to offer than high-risks with shady returns so it is worth taking a closer look!

Back to Basics

Ponzi Scheme Definition


ICO Analysis

This makes it very hard to predict the future trajectory of a business doing ICO.

This is why professional ICOs make huge efforts to get successful business individuals on board to suggest their future success. They have to as they don’t really have much else to build on. But many times those big names are only in the advisory board compensated by ICO tokens without any real stakes and influence on the business itself.

But Some ICOs…

What forces drive this ICO bonanza?

Capital Controlled Countries


Everything Bubble

So all in all: Yes, if an ICO looks like a scam and swims like a scam it is a scam, but if an ICO looks like a legit business and swims like a legit business it can get you decent returns!

If you need help with an ICO this is what I do: