As societies gradually become cashless Christianity is facing the challenge of secular control of finances the way it has never faced before. Blockchain (Decentralised Ledger Technologies) could offer solutions to the Church but few congregations realised the inevitability of this new technology so far.

There are at least two problems…

Why would ICOs be limited to blockchain tech startups? It is like supposing that bank loans are for financial institutes only because the bank loan is a financial instrument hence it can only be used by the financial industry! Ridiculous!

My ICO vision is that one day any businesses (even…

If you just bumped into the Initial Coin Offering bonanza you might have the feeling that you have already missed those ‘big’ investment opportunities with three-digit returns.
In this post I will argue that you have not missed the ICO boat at all.

ICO Sprint or ICO Marathon?

It all starts with your investment strategy…

A Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) can find all ‘skeletons’ of the b2b sales ‘closet’ and hence lower your investment risks.

Think of irreplaceable account managers, bribed client purchase officers, unofficial sales force hierarchies, verbal promotion promises and many other important details of a b2b sales structure at your target company…

Miklos Kadar

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